Open Educational Resources (OER)

On October 29, 2015, the United States Department of Education announced a campaign that encourages schools to #GoOpen with Educational Resources. North Carolina has accepted the challenge! #GoOpenNC!


"States are powerful collaborators in supporting and scaling innovation. With the launch of statewide #GoOpen initiatives, states are helping districts transition to a new model of learning by facilitating the creation of an open ecosystem of digital resources that can increase equity and empower teachers."

-Joseph South, Director, Office of Educational Technology


To expose participants to the concept of Open Educational Resources and provide a framework for finding and vetting OER resources.

Learning Outcome:

Be able to deliver an elevator speech about the value of OER resources.

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What are Open Educational Resources (OER) and how do I know that I need them?

Openly licensed education resources are teaching, learning, and research materials in any medium in the public domain or accessible under an open license that permits free use and re-purposing.
  • Retain - The right to make, own and control copies of the content (e.g., download, duplicate, store and manage)
  • Revise - Adapt and improve OER so that they better meet the needs of teachers and students
  • Remix - Combine OER to produce new open materials
  • Reuse - Use the original or new versions of OER in different contexts
  • Redistribute - Make copies and share the original OER or new versions, free of traditional copyright restrictions

Why Open Matters
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What is the value in using OER materials? Please enter short (preferably one word) responses in the answer garden.

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How do I decide what I need? How do I find what I need?abcdefghfffffffijklm

OER Commons
Utah Education Network
Classroom Aid, Connecting Dots of Digital Learning
Creative Commons
Open eBooks
Open Textbook Library (Members)

What makes a resource OER? How do I vet a resource once I find it?

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OER Review Criteria Template
Achieve OER Rubrics
North Carolina Summary Rubric

Turn & Talk Activity: Find a partner and deliver your elevator speech about the value of OER resources.

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Cathy Mathews, Southwest Digital Teaching and Learning Consultant, NCDPI

The digital resources included on this wiki have been helpful to some educators across the state. However, due to the rapidly changing digital environment, NCDPI does not represent nor endorse that these resources are the exclusive digital resources for the purposes outlined on this wiki.